where does body begin

to touch the soul

the last iota of healing

before the death of a bloody scar

nakedness … is not simply skin

it is sometimes when in the shower

i feel the inexplicable tear

in the fabric of me that the wind found

& sent sun-parched leaves

tumbling inside

like duck feather, all the water slides away

vulnerable to the fates that bind me

suspended in time

feet dangling, when

i am a child of the earth

teeth gritted, hands clenched

i will break free


Unpublished Work © 2018 Devina Singh

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i smile at my enemies,

and keep from my allies,

when chaos

reigns within


Unpublished Work © 2018 Devina Singh

her side

you’re the sun,
hot & nurturing
smiling w/ white teeth
easy charm, light steps
they bathe in your attentions
i, the moon, live in my pool of void
i like it here,
but i did not ask
to bask in your light,
i owe you nothing, can’t you see?
we share gravity, not hearts

© Copyright 2018, Devina Singh

Written for the Lunar Eclipse prompt by @fwtr_litmag

Sugar, spice and everything nice

Here’s my twist on yesterday’s Daily Post’s prompt: Flavourful.

Lola Tracy

She listened with half an ear to what Simone was saying, something about the next PTA fundraiser. Their footsteps rang loudly in the deserted hallway, decorated in fall colours, fat pumpkin stickers stuck on almost every surface. It was getting late.

Her attention caught on what the other woman said, “No, no. If Nancy Peters comes anywhere near me … let’s just say it won’t be good.”

“Be reasonable, she’s a carpenter and she’s offered to set up the stands for free. We need the help, Lola.”

She sucked on a tooth and looked Simone in the eyes.

“I am not going to budge on this,” Simone said.

Hearing the steel in her voice Lola shrugged and said nothing, feeling the twinges of an approaching migraine. They were on their way out passing one of the smaller classes when they both noticed movement inside and backtracked to investigate.

They walked in to find a woman bent over picking something off the ground. She looked up at them with the biggest brown eyes Lola’s ever seen. She straightened and smiled, a pair of charming dimples making an appearance. Her curvy frame was haloed by the waning sunlight and looked the image of a harvest goddess in a pretty sunflower dress.

Simone seemed surprised. “Karina? I thought you left already.”

“Jasper threw up again,” the young lady said. Even her voice was a balm.

She was introduced to Ms Karina Andreas, the temporary kindergarten teacher. Pleasantries over with, all three headed out of the front doors into the chilly afternoon.

Lola looked over to Karina as a sudden question pressed up against the growing pressure in her head.


Karina Andreas

The asshole fell like a tree, and the impact sounded like one too.


The back of my hand came away bloody after I’d ran it along my throbbing jaw. Only a bruise, the blood wasn’t mine but hot damn did it feel good. The savage thought didn’t bother me anymore, neither did the visceral satisfaction.

I grit my teeth with the effort of hauling him across the smooth linoleum floor over to the closet, mindful of the blood. His white tie now a pathetic rag after him. He’d been warned but too thick and stuffed up the ass with that ego. I shook my head. Did he listen? Did he quit fucking around with people the ought not to? No. So I had to happen.

It was cool inside the narrow room and deep enough, there was probably Narnia at the back. Excellent.

One day I’ll wake up and my life will make sense because for the love of God I can’t figure out how I got to this point. It was somewhere in the clusterfuck of events between Detroit and LA. But it won’t do to dwell right now, would it?

Sweaty and panting, I rolled him up into a huge old dusty rug some other kid puked on, stowed him safely behind a pile of boxes. I cut the light and shut the door at an angle wrenching the already broken hinges so it’ll be a bitch to open. By the only other door that led to the corridor, I strained my hearing to catch possible approaching footsteps. The silence held a hollow viscosity but I picked up distant voices that remained distant after five minutes.

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